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Welcome to Merlin’s Voice


Audio Book Narations, Voice Overs and So Much More!

 What is Merlin’s Voice?

Merlin’s Voice is a provider of VoiceOver services and a narrator/producer of audiobooks, sound bites, commercials and other voice related audio products and content.  MerlinsVoice and The Merlin Group are dba names of

 A.T. “Al” Benelli.


Profile of A.T. “Al” Benelli

 (a.k.a. Merlin’s Voice)


Born and raised in New York City, I proudly served my country in Special Forces MAC-V-SOG 1964-1968. Vietnam Vet. Wanting to try “everything”, I pursued diverse careers … Cab Driver, Waiter, Chef, Engineer, Salesman, Racecar Driver, Financial Planner, CFP Practitioner, Radio-host and Stage Actor.  Married… three step-children… Now a narrator, voice-actor and producer. Studied at the Actors Center of Philadelphia and also under legendary voice actor/coach Chuck McKibben (Mel Blanc Studios…  Multiple character and cartoon voices. Specializing in the affectations and accents of New York… Dramatic, comedic, commercial, narrative, educational… from Main Street to Wall Street… from cop to Capo, detective to Don. If it came out of New York City or vicinity… I gotchavoysrightear… You choose the sophistication levels… or leave it to us. From Joey Baggadonuts to the Governor… from the Hispanic altar boy to the infinitely Irish Cardinal of the Archdiocese… From racketeer to Rabbi… We can give your characters anything from a slight touch to a full slather of that unique New York – New Jersey vocal I.D. Hey… forgeddaboudit… you’re da boss!

Also character voices, affectations and/or ethnic accents from around the world such as those used in children’s books, animation and/or celebrity-like impersonations and styles used in specialty projects. Looking for something really unique…  Like a Greek restaurant owner in Astoria or a Hassidic jeweler in Williamsburg? Let us have a crack at it… I’m betting we’ll all be happy you did. Take a moment to listen to the samples here and on

Our state of the art recording studio translates into quick turnaround time and flexibility, allowing us to work as closely with authors/directors as they choose… and to manage production schedules efficiently and effectively.  Just ask our clients… Narrations

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Here are some of the current offerings. Click on a book to sample or the Audible link below for a full list:

    The Neon Goodbye Gemini Joe

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